A Mobile, Completely Self-Contained Aspirator Unit

Dental suction apparatus DO M is a mobile device expanding physician’s operational abilities of the dentist and ensuring an increase of ergonomics at his work.

It is suitable for dental sets not furnished with suction device and separator.

It is designed for dentistry usage for suction, separation and interception of drain into the built-in separation vessel.

Its mobility allows an easy transport between two operational places and it can mainly be utilised in places with no drainage system available.

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Technical Specification

nominal voltage

230V/ 50Hz

110V/ 60Hz

max. current

3,4 (3,8)A


max. output capacity

1100 lit.min-1

maximum under pressure

12 kPa

noise level

≤48 dB [A]


36 kg

dimensions (w x d x h) mm*


*Data on weight and dimension are for informational purposes only. They depend on particular version of the product.