Gallant Orto Descriptions

Gallant Orto Chirurgie

The standard version of the Gallant Orto Chirurgie dental unit:

  • Suspended hydroblock.
  • Floor-mounted “STING” dental chair (Tecnodent Italy).
  • “Durr Comfort” assistant’s table with big and small suction hoses (DÜRR DENTAL Germany).
  • Ceramic spittoon bowl (Tecnocer Italy) with rinsing and cup filling electronic control.
  • Two litre distilled water tank
  • EDI (Faro Italy) dental lamp on a hydroblock unit.
  • Pneumatic foot control.

STING (Tecnodent Italy) patient arm-chair including:

  • Completely electromechanical lifting and backrest movements.
  • Program for “0” position reset.
  • Rinse position.
  • Dual foot-controls on base.
  • Safety stop on base.
  • Safety stop on backrest.
  • Wide armchair backrest.
  • Flat headrest rotatable in one plane.

Additional options are also possible. For more information, please contact us.

For hydroblock:

  • Place selection valve (DÜRR DENTAL Germany).
  • Cuspidor valve (DÜRR DENTAL Germany).
  • An amalgam separator “CAS 1” (DÜRR DENTAL Germany).
  • 3 way syringe “DCI”.
  • Replacement of syringe with Minimate 3-way (Luzzani Dental Italy).
  • Replacement of syringe with Minilate 6-way (Luzzani Dental Italy).
  • Curing light STARLIGHT Sx5 (Mectron Italy).
  • Monitor attachment rotary arm.
  • Replacement of the “FARO EDI” lamp on the “FARO ALYA LED” (Faro Italy).
  • Replacement of the “FARO EDI” lamp on the “FARO MAIA LED” (Faro Italy).
  • Replacement of saliva ejector by “Durr Comfort” assistant table with big and small suction hoses (DÜRR DENTAL Germany).
  • Replacement of assistant table arm by arm with vertical movement.
  • Pneumatic line without FO (fibre optic).
  • Pneumatic line with FO (fibre optic).
  • Replacement of non-FO pneumatic lines with FO (fibre optic).
  • Micromotor MC2 (Bien Air Swiss).
  • Micromotor MC2 LED (Bien Air Swiss).
  • Micromotor MC3 (Bien Air Swiss).
  • Replacement of pneumatic foot control by multifunctional foot control “FARO”.
  • Big table with pantograph arm “FARO”.

For dental chair:

  • Replacement of the chair upholstery on Memory Foam.
  • Replacing of the chair upholstery on Soft Foam.
  • Left rotary, removable armrest.
  • Right rotary, removable armrest.
  • Rotation of the seat (plus, minus 30 °) relative to the vertical.
  • Magnetic pillow “C95”.
  • UNI headrest.
  • Trendelenburg position (at 15°, with automatic compensation of the backrest for a correct blood flow during the treatment).
  • Additional 3 program for chair.