Gallant Cart Autonome


Free of plumbing, no additional wiring requirements

The Gallant Cart Autonome is a remarkable plumbing-free dental unit powered by a standard electrical outlet. The built-in oil-free compressor and suction system is housed within a soundproof cabinet for exceptionally quiet operation.

This eliminates any special installation requirements or practice location constraints.

The Gallant Cart Autonome supports up to 5 instruments and is ideal for dentists and hygienists across a range of both private and public facilities and settings including hospitals, nursing homes, orthodontic practices, mobile dentistry clinics and more.

Unique benefits – Practice where you want at a location of YOUR choice

No restrictions on office location in multi-tenant, multi-level spaces or on concrete slabs.

Lower Start up and Utility Costs – and Increased Returns

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Standard version and Additional options

Gallant Cart Autonome Video coming soon....